Characters begin as Novices. To advance to the next Tier, the character must pass an appropriate Test; Novices must pass a Seasoned Test, Seasoned Contractors must pass a Veteran Test, and Veterans must pass a Harbinger Test. Such Tests are always extraordinarily lethal.

A Seasoned Test is considered a Seasoned Contract; a Veteran Test is considered a Veteran Contract. A Harbinger Test is not a Contract per se, but rather involves running a series of Contracts.

A Contractor who wins a Highlander Contract becomes Seasoned, as all Novice Highlander Contracts are Seasoned Tests.

To become a Veteran, you must pass an extremely grueling and lethal Veteran Test entirely by yourself, with no assistance. A Veteran Test is a Contract which would be challenging for an entire group of experienced Seasoned Contractors. A Veteran Test is a Solo Contract; it has only one participant. In order to quality to undertake a Veteran Test, you must be Seasoned and must have killed a PC Contractor. (Killing an NPC Contractor does not count.) Most Veteran Tests end in failure and death.

A Veteran who wishes to become a Harbinger must pass a Harbinger Test, which involves creating and running one or more Contracts without assistance, until the Harbingers accept you as one of their own. Typically, creating and running these initial Contracts must involve great personal risk to the would-be Harbinger.

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