Super Speed

Tier: Seasoned
Type: Active
Duration: 1 (skill modifier in turns)
Range: NA
Speed: 1

New Parameter: Speed

1: Racecar speeds (up to 100 mph, ~ 150 feet per second)
2: up to 200 mph; ~ 300 feet per second
3: up to 400 mph; ~600 feet per second
4: Supersonic (767 mph; ~1125 feet per second)
5: Mach 3 (up to 2,284 mph; ~3350 feet per second
6: Hypersonic (3,807 mph ~5600 feet per second)

At the Seasoned level, Speed can be raised to 6.

Possible Enhancements: Concealed, Contortion, Delayed, Diehard, Evasion, Final Blow, Heavy Lifting, Immovable, Iron Lungs, Jack of All Sports, Punch Anything, Slippery, Superleap, Surface Mediums, Tested, Tireless, Triggered

Unique Enhancements:
Surface Mediums: You add a new surface (such as liquids or walls) to this Power. Choose one when you take this Enhancement. May be taken multiple times. You may now run across that surface as if it were solid, flat ground. You are not immune to any adverse effects this may cause (burns from lava, for example).

Jack of All Sports: You may use this power to perform other athletic forms of movement (swimming, climbing, rowing, cartwheels, burrowing, flying, etc. — but cannot apply to gliding or levitation). Choose one when you take the Enhancement. May be taken multiple times. This Enhancement does not grant modes of movement you do not already have; for example, you must already be able to burrow in order to select burrowing. Note that the speeds listed are for running; other modes of movement may be much slower.

Possible Flaws:
Rigid Duration: Cannot be ended early.

Collapse: Moving at these speeds is incredibly exhausting; when you stop, you must rest and remain immobile for the same amount of time you used Super Speed.

Slow on the Uptake: Your reaction time isn't as good as your movement speed. While moving at Super Speed, you are at -2 to react to sudden changes and events.

Unstoppable Object: You can't turn or slow down, and must continue moving until this Power ends – or you hit something. When you charge into an obstacle, take your Speed rating as an injury— no defense roll permitted. If you have supernatural armor from other Gifts or Gift-like effects, it applies to this damage as normal, but mundane armors are entirely ineffective.

Take Your Time: You gain no speed advantage from this Power whatsoever, and only move at your normal speed. Other effects function as normal.


Ludicrous Running Shoes

Base Power: Super Speed

Speed 4 (Supersonic)
Duration 1 (skill modifier in turns)

Enhancements: Surface Medium (Water)
Flaws: Unstoppable Object, Slow on the Uptake, Item

You have no idea what ridiculous branding is on these shoes, or even their top speed; but they can run on water, so its safe to say they go at a ludicrous speed however you shake it up. Shame they don't have any safeties on them, you really need to watch where you're going.

System: You run at top speed while using these shoes. You charge straight into any obstacle in the way, coming to a halt and taking 4 levels of damage. Otherwise, you come to a halt when the Power ends. You are at -2 on rolls to react to anything unexpected.

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