The ability to use Sorcery is not obvious; Sorcerers look like normal humans. Sorcerers receive Concealed as a free Enhancement with each Active Power. They also receive the Sorcery skill at Amateur free of charge. Sorcerers are required to purchase Concealed for each Passive Power, since Passive Powers do not have spell components.

All of a Sorcerer's Active Powers (including Items) have Verbal (V), Somatic (S), and Material (M) spell components. Such components are rated on a scale from -3 to 2.

A Verbal Component of 0 (V 0) indicates that the Sorcerer must speak in a firm and commanding voice.

V -3: no Verbal Component
V -2: whisper
V -1: conversational voice
V 0: firm and commanding voice
V 1: shout arcane words
V 2: alien booming voice, audible for miles and obviously supernatural

A Somatic Component of 0 (S 0) indicates that the Sorcerer must gesture firmly, in a manner likely to be noticed.

S -3: no Somatic Component
S -2: discreet, difficult-to-notice gesture
S -1: noticeable gesture
S 0: firm gesture
S 1: repeated strong gesticulations; those watching may ask if you're okay, or may call 911 to report a seizure
S 2: wild gesticulations, attracting the attention of everyone within sight

A Material Component of 0 (M 0) indicates that the Sorcerer can use the Power once without difficulty (unless circumstances dictate otherwise), but then must replace the component. Because the component is either very difficult to find or quite bulky or heavy (or a combination of these), it generally takes at least an hour to replace the component so that the Power can be used again (unless the GM rules otherwise).

M -3: no Material Component
M -2: the component is easy to find and easy to carry; assumed to be available unless circumstances dictate otherwise
M -1: the component can typically be found in a few minutes, or is not overly difficult to carry in sufficient quantities to last the Game
M 0: the component is very difficult to find, or quite bulky or heavy; after this Power has been used once, it typically requires at least an hour to obtain enough to use it again
M 1: the spell can only be cast at specific times, in specific locations, or a combination of the two
M 2: the spell can only be cast in extremely specific locations, at extremely specific times, or both (e.g., while standing in the Pacific Ocean)

The Verbal, Somatic, and Material Components will total 0. The sorcerer could take all three components at a level of 0, or Verbal at 1, Somatic at 2, and Material at -3, or any other combination desired. A different combination can be selected for each Power, if desired.

If you wish, Verbal, Somatic, and Material Components may total greater than 0. For each point above 0, you receive 1 Gift Point to invest in that Power.

A sorcerer may spend 1 Gift Point to reduce one component (Verbal, Somatic, or Material) by 1.

Cultural Sorcery: Sorcery sometimes takes forms specific to a culture, such as Voodoo or Shinto. Cultural Sorcerers don't have as much range as other Sorcerers. Often they must execute a certain type of ritual, perhaps involving a rare component, a specific time of day, or the like. Such requirements are usually reflected in the spell components but may sometimes be taken as Flaws, if this is judged more appropriate by the GM.

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