Your character will have a list of skills which should give you an idea of your capabilities. You will select a number of skills during character creation, and improve them, and possibly learn new skills, as the game progresses.

Skills are divided into four categories: Professions, which reflect your current or previous occupation; Core Skills, which are the same for everyone; General Skills, which can be customized by the GM; and Culture, which represents general familiarity with the culture in which you grew up and common background knowledge such as basic competency with computers, elevators, and driving.

For the costs to advance skills, see Skill Advancement.

Skill Levels

Skill levels are as follows. Beyond the numerical bonus, the descriptor should help players determine what level of in-character knowledge they have concerning a given field.

Novices may raise skills no higher than Professional; Seasoned may raise them to Expert; Veterans may increase skills to Master; and Harbingers can reach Legendary level.

Unskilled (+0): You have no experience in this field. You don't have a clue what you're doing.

Amateur (+1): You know a little about it and probably won't injure yourself.

Competent (+2): Just that. You are competent, but no more than that.

Professional (+3): Your skill level is about the same as the average working stiff who does this for a living.

Expert (+4): You are probably the best, or at least one of the best, at your workplace.

Master (+5): You are one of the best in the world.

Legendary (+6): Superhuman level. You are supernaturally skilled. A mundane human can never hope to reach this height.

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