Shapeshifting Enhancements

Catalog: You have a number of faces that you can assume at will. The method used to determine the number of faces may vary; most commonly it is equal to your Discipline, but it could be an unlimited number linked to increasingly high Stability checks, or determined in one of many other ways. As a possible Flaw, you might eventually begin making mistakes and becoming unstable. Insanity would be a possibility – though this would not render you unplayable. For example, you might acquire so many identities that they begin to blur together and "bleed over" into each other; you could eventually lose your own identity altogether.

Biometrics: You can alter even the most minute biological data (including DNA, fingerprints, retinal prints, etc.).

Morphing: An Item with this Enhancement can morph between three forms (its native form and two others), which must be chosen when this Enhancement is selected. Morphing does not in any way affect the functioning of the Item, only the form. This is an Active Enhancement. Duration is the skill modifier in hours and can be increased normally.

Rifle Morphing: Can only be taken with a firearm which is an Item. The Item can morph to become any revolver, pistol, shotgun, or rifle (including submachine guns, assault rifles, battle rifles, sniper rifles, and even heavy machine guns). However, unless Concealed is taken with the Item, it is always bulky and menacing, obviously supernatural and very dangerous; it is not concealable. It incorporates accessories appropriate to its current form, such as a scope, flash suppressor, sound suppressor, range finder, laser sight, and so forth (but not grenade launchers or the like). This is an Active Enhancement. It remains in the form it has taken until you use this Enhancement to change its form again. Rate of Fire is 3 for all forms.

Maximum Effective Range:
Heavy Machine Gun: 1.5 miles
Sniper Rifle: 1.5 miles
Battle Rife: 600 meters
Assault Rifle: 600 meters
Submachine Gun: 250 meters
Shotgun: 50 meters
Pistol or Revolver: 120 meters

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