Moving Between Cells

Contracts take place across numerous alternate Earths. Each cell is assumed to be in a different universe, of which that cell's GM has absolute control. Contractors cannot enter another cell's universe through any means whatsoever without the permission of the GM of that cell. Contractors who do enter another cell's universe are subject to the rulings of the GM of that cell as if they were a member of that cell.

Even Harbingers from other universes cannot enter another cell's universe, or affect that universe in any way, without the permission of that cell's GM. If they are permitted to enter or affect another universe, they come under the jurisdiction of that cell's GM while doing so, and are effectively characters. (Harbingers are, in fact, characters just like any other, though of a higher Tier.)

If invited, players may freely take their characters to other open cells or create new characters in as many cells as desired. When this occurs, the player enters the alternate reality where the other cell exists, although this need not be obvious. The ONLY things guaranteed to pass over unchanged between cells are objects and abilities that you have received as Gifts or from expending Resolve; these are considered “static.” Any other elements that are setting specific MAY not apply, at the discretion of the GM of the hosting cell.

Example: Rokushima Taiyu is a cell based on an a Manga-like Medieval Japan. The Harbinger is a fearsome Shogun; Novices begin as Monks, Samurai, or Ninjas. In this setting it is normal for everyone to be able to “Superleap”, and swords are easily capable of splitting stones.

Characters from this cell are invited to play in a London by Gaslight Cell, effectively a Victorian era setting with an emphasis on Horror. The “London” GM may allow for the guest characters to be unchanged, or the Rokushima players may be rudely introduced to Newton's Law while swords trying to cut granite are reduced to stumps. However, Gifts of these characters remain unchanged.

Abilities Other Than Gifts

A GM may choose to allow Contractors to obtain special abilities or items through means other than Gifts. Such abilities or items can only be used within that cell's universe, and do not function outside it (unless the GM of another cell grants an exception). Thus, when participating in Contracts or Side Games run by a GM from a different cell, such abilities and items cannot be used, unless the GM running the Contract or Side Game decides otherwise.

Conversion From House Games

To convert a character from House Games, select a number of Gifts equal to the number of Games your character won in House Games. You should select Gifts appropriate to your Concept.

You receive starting Resolve Points as normal, and you have an additional number of Resolve Points equal to the total Experience Points your character received after character creation divided by 5. Any fractions are rounded up.

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