Seasoned Special Attacks


Tier: Seasoned
Type: Active
Duration: 1 (Skill modifier in turns)

Your head and mouth swell tremendously, enabling you to swallow objects and creatures as large as yourself. To swallow a creature which is resisting, you must make a successful Grapple attack against a target which is already Grappled. If you have (and use) Acid Vomit, a swallowed creature is automatically affected by it each turn (including the first).

Possible Enhancements: Concealed, Delayed, Triggered, Chew Anything, Contortion, Damage Over Time, Digestion, Fearless, Final Blow, Focused, Identify, Immovable, Nourishment, Punch Anything, Riposte/Overpower, Slippery, Superleap, Taste Emotion, Tireless, Unemotional

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