Seasoned Influence Powers


(Veteran: Domination; Harbinger: Enthrall)

Tier: Seasoned (upgradeable to Harbinger)
Type: Active
Range: 0 (Touch)
Duration: 1 (Net outcome in turns)

If you succeed in an opposed Discipline check, the target will comply with your wishes, and will want to please or impress you. The target cannot be compelled to take suicidal actions, nor to violate a strongly held moral code. You cannot affect the target's memory.

Depending on your Paradigm and how you go about using this Power, it may be subtle or blatant. If it is subtle, then depending on the circumstances, the target may realize that supernatural compulsion was used immediately, after having time to think it over, or never. Your Paradigm and method of use also dictate whether the target thinks of you (while the Power is in effect) as a leader, friend, ally, lover, or something else.

The maximum duration at Seasoned is 4 (net outcome in days). At Veteran, the maximum duration is 5 (net outcome in weeks). At Harbinger, the duration can be extended to 7 (permanent). (This is a special case. Normally, the maximum duration for any Power is 6 – months.)

If upgraded to Veteran level, the target can be compelled to commit suicide or violate a moral code.

If upgraded to Harbinger level, the target can be permanently, and absolutely, dominated.

Possible Enhancements: Concealed, Delayed, Triggered, Fearless, Final Blow, Focused, Hard to Control, Hard to Influence, Hard to Possess, Indomitable Will, Maddening, Psychotic Break, Unemotional, Warning

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