Seasoned Gifts

A Seasoned Contractor who selects a Novice Power as a Gift receives the equivalent of two Gifts invested in that Power. For example, a Seasoned Contractor who selects Armor as a Gift and does not yet have any Armor can receive 2 points of Armor plus one free Effect, or 1 point of Armor plus two free Effects; if he already has Armor, he can receive 2 more points (but does not receive a free Effect, as normal), or 1 point and 1 Effect, or 2 Effects.


Type: Active
Duration: Outcome in turns

Your head and mouth swell tremendously, enabling you to swallow objects and creatures as large as yourself. To swallow a creature which is resisting, you must make a successful Grapple attack against a target which is already Grappled. If you have Acid Vomit, a swallowed creature is automatically affected by it each turn (including the first).

Possible Effects: Concealed, Extended, Delayed, Chew Anything, Digestion, Nourishment, Tireless, Corrosive/Burning, Fearless, Final Blow, Identify, Taste Guilt (or whatever)

Life Leech

Type: Active
Range: Touch

The target's Wound Level increases, and your Wound Level decreases, by 1 per turn for a number of turns equal to the net outcome of an opposed Discipline check. If the victim moves out of range, the effect ends abruptly.

Possible Effects: Concealed, Delayed, Reaching, Mental Piercing, Final Blow, Tireless, Diehard (on a successful use of this ability, you need not make further wound checks unless you are further injured)



Type: Active
Duration: Outcome in hours

You can alter your physical appearance (including your voice and scent), and, with Catalog, can “remember” the specified number of faces. You are able to alter your species and gender, as well as height, weight, and mass. However, you remain humanoid and approximately human-sized, and you cannot mimic the appearance of a particular person.

Possible Effects: Concealed, Delayed, Extended, Contortion, Digestion, Nourishment, Catalog, Biometrics

Spirit Sight

Type: Passive

You can perceive and communicate with ghosts, spirits, astral entities, and the like, if they are in your dimension.

Possible Effects: Concealed, Warning, Mental Resistance, Astral Sight, Nightvision, Spectrum (can see additional colors and ranges of visible light)

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