Running a Cell

Duties of the Cell Leader

Name your Cell: This can be as bland or evocative as desired., from “Portland Cell” to “Knights of the Rose”. This handle will help maintain the identity of your specific Cell.

Paradigm: Most Cells default to the Standard Paradigm: essentially a Modern setting where the only unusual qualities are products of the Games themselves. However, a Cell may devise any setting desired without difficulty (Post-Apocalypse, Pre-Historic, Lovecraft, Etc). Cross over between a Standard to Exotic cell (or vice versa) is handled normally, which may be very shocking to Characters.

Guidelines: The Leader of the Cell should make a list of any House Rules or Game Limits his Harbinger may have set. Guest GM's will be expected to adhere to these Guidelines when running games in that Cell.

Records: The Cell Leader will record the name, date, players, deaths & victories of any game run in their Cell. These will be posted on the website.

Adjudication: The Cell Leader is the final law concerning any results happening in their Cell. They can refuse access, add or remove elements, or expand side games & plots as desired.

Cross Over: Players may freely take their characters to other open Cells or create new characters in as many Cells as desired. When this occurs the Player enters the alternate reality where the other Cell exists, although this need not be obvious. The ONLY things guaranteed to pass over unchanged between Cells are objects and abilities you have received as Gifts, or by expending Resolve; these are considered “static”. Any other elements that are setting specific MAY not apply, at the discretion of the GM of the hosting Cell.

Example: Rokushima Taiyu is a Cell based on an a Manga-like Medieval Japan. The Harbinger is a fearsome Shogun, Novices begin as Monks, Samurai, or Ninjas. In this setting it is normal for everyone to be able to “Superleap”, & swords are easily capable of splitting stones.

Characters from this Cell are invited to play in a London by Gaslight Cell, effectively a Victorian era set with an emphasis on Horror. The “London” GM may allow for the guest Characters to be unchanged, or the Rokushima players may be rudely introduced to Newton's Law while swords trying to cut granite are reduced to stumps. However, Gifts of these characters remain unchanged.

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