Powers do not “just work.” You must be able to comprehend (and describe) how your Powers function — your Paradigm. The GM and the players should be aware of the source of each character's Powers. You should be able to to discuss the "metaphysics" of your Powers (explain how they work) in-character, without using game terms. Indeed, by the time you reach Seasoned status, you should be able to engage in an extended discussion of your Paradigm. This will help you flesh out your Concept, and may be important in adjudicating the results of using your Powers in unusual situations. A solid background enables Powers to more effectively stack, interact, and be built upon. If you are uncertain, you should discuss this with your GM.

Paradigm is absolutely critical, and should be given considerable attention. The time and energy you invest in developing your Paradigm will pay off by making it easy to understand how your Powers operate in various situations and in conflict with other Powers.


When you receive a Gift, it takes a discernible form that alters your basic nature. What form this takes is up to you, but unless your Powers are Concealed, it is ALWAYS present.

A Contractor who has Powers which are not Concealed will undergo a gradual physical transformation. The fact that the character has supernatural powers or is a supernatural being will be obvious at a glance. This usually is not instantaneous; the transformation or alteration is likely to take place over a period of months.

Example: Three players select the Blast Gift. One decides he is now a Cyborg, with a laser built into his Cybernetic Eye. The next decides he wants a Hellfire blast from his hands. Not wanting to meddle with Sorcery, he has infernal runes on his hands that seep with a hellish crimson miasma when uncovered. The third decides he wants to conjure fireballs with magic; he must now detail the various foci which allow him to conjure fire – most likely strange incantations and waving his arms about (see Sorcery).

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