Movement and Encumbrance


Characters can walk 7 meters per turn without making a roll (but this still counts as an action).

Running characters roll Physique to determine the distance covered. On a result of 0, the character covers 20 meters during the turn. Each point above 0 increases this distance by 3 meters, while each point below 0 reduces it by 3 meters. If the GM does not wish to require a roll, the character may be assumed to cover 20 + (Physique x 3) meters per turn.

A character can jump 2 vertical feet or 4 horizontal feet multiplied by the results of a Physique roll.

If you move and also take another action, you suffer a penalty to all actions equal to the number of actions taken. For example, if you walk across the room, draw a pistol, and fire, you have taken three actions and suffer a -3 penalty to each of them.

Note that movement is affected by Wound Penalties, by Armor Penalties, and by encumbrance. Also, the given movement rates assume ideal circumstances and may be reduced by difficult terrain, inclement weather, darkness, and other circumstances.

The GM should bear in mind that a character who wins initiative begins his action first, but does not complete it before other characters are able to begin their actions. In a chase, for example, both pursued and pursuer are moving simultaneously; the loser does not stand idly for three seconds waiting for the winner to complete his action. Thus, moving characters reach their destinations at the end of the turn, after all actors (including those who lost initiative) have taken their actions. Similarly, a character who dives for cover which is not very close may not reach that cover before attackers fire their weapons, and a character who charges a pistol-wielding attacker may not reach the attacker before being fired upon.


A character can carry 25 pounds per level of Physique with no penalty. If over this weight, the character is at -1 to all actions. Every 25 pounds (or portion thereof) over this amount halves the character's movement rate. Total encumbrance cannot be more than 50 pounds per level of Physique.

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