Mitigating Depletion

Restore Power

Tier: Seasoned
Type: Active

You have a method of reducing your Depletion faster than normal. A passive method such as photosynthesis would take an hour to reduce your Depletion by an additional 10%. An active method would be much faster.

This Power does not come with a Gift Point to invest, as it is very specific to the character – basically a laborious method of lowering Depletion. Moreover, Enhancements (other than Concealed) do not apply, and it cannot be improved by the investment of additional Gifts.

A character whose Powers are Concealed receives Concealed as a free Enhancement to this Power.

Example 1:

Stefan De'Vries, the Mirror-Mage, stands before a mirror and causes it to explode, lowering his Depletion by 10% and taking 3 levels of damage.

Example 2:

A vampire could drain 1 pint of blood for a 10% decrease in Depletion.

Example 3:

A Contractor with photosynthesis could stand in sun for 1 hour for a 10% decrease (which would stack with the 10% decrease in Depletion that would be received in 1 hour anyway).

Example 4:


By consuming the brains of a sapient being, you regain your composure. Each brain consumed reduces your Depletion by 10%.

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