Lexicon (In-Game)

The Lexicon exists to flesh out the unique subculture of Contractors. Anyone using these terms is probably involved somehow, either an Agent, Contractor, or Harbinger. They are divided into the formal parlance used in the actual Contracts, common usage among Contractors and Agents, and vulgar slang.

The Contract: The game itself, expressed with terms and stipulations that dictate how a Gift is to be won.
Formal: Contract
Common: Mission, Game, Grand Guingol, the Gauntlet
Vulgar: Slaughterhouse 5, Totentanz, Finals, Casting Call, Go Time

The Contractors: These are those rare ambitious souls selected to fulfill the Contracts, thereby receiving the Gifts.
Formal: Chosen
Common: Contractor, Specialist, Expendables, Aspirant, Supplicant
Vulgar: Masochists, Junkies, Fixers, Head Hunters, High Rollers

The Harbingers: Representing the highest Tier of Contractor, the Harbingers gather the Chosen on behalf of The Powers and set up the Contracts. By tradition, Harbingers only give their Title when dealing with Contractors of the lesser Tiers.
Formal: Harbinger
Common: The Elite, Seraphim, Heralds, Messengers
Vulgar: Sadists, Handlers, Pimps, The Boss, Director, Foreman, Executive,

The Inner Circle: The mysterious and seemingly omnipotent powers that select the Chosen and see that Gifts are awarded. Not even the Harbingers know the identity of these beings.
Formal: The Inner Circle
Common: Secret Masters, The Powers That Abide, The Ascended Masters
Vulgar: The Producers, The Board, Oz, Puppet Masters, Little Green Men

The Gifts: These are the augmentations, arcane knowledge, alien technology or similar that is awarded to a Contractor who fulfill the terms of the Contract, furthering their ambition while never quite quenching it…
Formal: The Path to Ascension
Common: Gifts, Prizes, Powers
Vulgar: The Perfect Drug, The Bait, The Payoff

The Agents: These are other parties involved with Harbingers, usually their servants. While not Contractors, Agents are familiar with the makeup of the Contracts and may be enhanced themselves. They typically do much of the legwork setting up Contracts and arranging invitations.
Formal: Agent
Common: Solicitor, Servant, Bondsman
Vulgar: Lackeys, Minions, Mooks, Slaves, Ciphers

Novice: These are the lowest Tier of the Chosen, defined by an ambition or desire that they are quite willing to risk death (and worse) to achieve. While otherwise mundane, they have the potential to become the most dangerous creatures in existence.
Formal: Supplicant
Common: Beginners, Novice, Amateurs, Kohei
Vulgar: Fresh Fish, Doornails, Dead Meat, Junior

Seasoned: These individuals have survived a number of games under a variety of conditions. As such, they have begun to accumulate Gifts that truly separate them from common humans.
Formal: Aspirant
Common: Seasoned, Professional, Journeymen, Sempai
Vulgar: Part-Timers, Scabs, Chicken Shit, Dogs of War

Veteran: The rare few that reach this status are formidable indeed. The Veterans have no doubt won many games, faced death countless times, and beaten other Contractors on numerous occasions. They have begun to make a name for themselves in the larger world, and can now engage Contracts by themselves. Even Harbingers are wise to treat the Veterans with due respect.
Formal: Veterans
Common: Solos, Loners, Solitaires, Ronin
Vulgar: Bloody Bastards, Aces, Kamikaze

The following terms are not used in the Contracts, but do see common usage regardless:

Hybrids: A Contractor whose Gifts combine them with an inhuman element are typically referred to as Hybrids. Naturally, there are a wide variety of possible combinations, with some mentioned below.

Cyborgs: Combinations of man and machine.
Vulgar: Borgs, Arnolds, Tin Men, i(insert name here), Junkyard

Chimera: Human/Animal Hybrid
Vulgar: Moreaus, Furballs, Sheep Fuckers, Lassie/Benjie

Mutants: Enhanced genetics
Vulgar: Muties, Generation X, Test Tube Babies, Frankenstein

Aliens: An individual that has been modified by non-terrestrial genetics/technology
Vulgar: Ripley, Starman, Illegals, Martians, Xenos

Sorcerers: These Contractors have gained some sort of arcane knowledge as Gifts. The exact method they summon these magics varies, but is always elaborate: A Sorcerer bound, gagged, or deprived of his tools is helpless.
Vulgar: Hufflepuff, Casters, (term)-Mancer, (term)-Mage, Finger Wagglers, Cultists, Copperfields

Psychics: These Specialists have gained powers of mind over matter, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, or telekinesis. When employed, these powers will cause eyerolls, ectoplasm, purple coronas, nosebleeds, or the sharp scent of ozone, sometimes several at once.
Vulgar: Shrinks, Swamis, Madame, Headcase, Mind Melters

Revenant: A very specific set of Gifts resulting in some kind of living death.
Vulgar: Edward/Bella, Zeds, Lugosi, Vryloka,

Possessed: Your Gifts stem from an outside entity that takes partial or total control of you when activated.
Vulgar: Spooks, Faust, Puppets, Geist
Faithful: This is actually a sub-set of Sorcerer, your Gifts descend from ardent faith and practice of your religion.
Vulgar: Holy Rollers, Witch Doctors, Shamans, Zealots, Inquisitors, Reverend

The following terms are general descriptors for a certain type of Contractor that we see often enough for slang terms to come up.

Militant: A former soldier or similar. Notable for the veritable arsenal they are always toting around and the “B & B” approach to Contracts (Bullets & Bombs).
Vulgar: Shooters, Mad Bombers, Gun Bunnies

Maniacs: We always get a few serial killers, mass murderers, and cannibals. Watch your back around suspected Maniacs
Vulgar: J-Kats, Ghouls, Whitechapels

Investigators: Typically highly skilled without much ability to defend themselves. Investigators are essential to the cerebral Contracts.
Vulgar: Squishy, Otaku, Tweeds

Dilettantes: Inevitably we get a few along that provoke a face palm and “what were they thinking” outcry to the Inner Circle. Dilettantes, by ignorance or intent, have no useful skills whatsoever.
Vulgar: Dead Weight, Cannon Fodder, Temp

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