Examples of Interface


Tier: Novice (upgradeable to Seasoned)
Type: Active
Range: Touch
Duration: Skill modifier in hours

You have a cochlear/retinal brain implant which enables you to access networks (including the Internet) and devices with networking capabilities. You do not have any special ability to bypass security measures, beyond your own skill. Once in, however, you can access the full capabilities of the system – making phone calls, sending and receiving email and text messages, running programs, and so forth. You are able to access networks of sundry types (wired, wireless, satellite, radio, etc.) and frequencies, and can attempt to eavesdrop on transmissions. Input is by direct thought transmission. Output is by virtual retinal display.

Possible Enhancements: Concealed, Delayed, Triggered, Audio Spectrum (can detect infra/ultra sound), Fearless, Filtering, Focused, Ghost in the Machine, Polarized, Tireless, Unemotional, Visual Spectrum (you perceive the full electromagnetic spectrum, from radio waves and microwaves to gamma rays), Warning, Passive (Seasoned or above)

Possible Flaws: Infectable (you are susceptible to computer viruses); Tunnel Vision (while active, you are blind to everything except accessible devices and data transmissions; i.e., while jacked in, your consciousness is in the Matrix)

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