Tier: Seasoned
Type: Active
Duration: 1 (Outcome in turns)
Range: 0 (Touch)

You have the power to heal. The target's Wound Level drops by 1 per turn for a number of turns equal to the results of your activation roll. Wound Level applies as a penalty to the roll (Negligible: -1; Light: -2; Moderate: -3; Serious: -4; Critical: -5; Terminal: -6; Mortal: -7). You can reduce the target's Wound Level by no more than your relevant skill modifier. Until this limit is reached, you can continue to work on the patient, with the penalty increasing by 1 with each additional attempt. You can heal yourself reflexively, even if unconscious (e.g., Terminally or Mortally Wounded), but this still costs an action and incurs Depletion.

Possible Enhancements: Concealed, Delayed, Chew Anything, Diehard, Digestion, Fearless, Final Blow, Focused, Iron Lungs, Nourishment, Psychotic Break, Punch Anything, Tested, Tireless, Triggered, Unemotional, Warning

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