Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really play any character concept at all?

You can play almost any character concept. You must start as a normal human, with no special powers. Thus, you could play a sorcerer, but you do not start with any spells.

Also, you must have an Ambition. If you decide to create a character who drifts aimlessly through life with no goals and no purpose, that character will never be recruited as a Contractor.

In addition, keep in mind that some character concepts are not survivable, or have a very low chance of survival. For example, if your Ambition is to destroy the world, the other Contractors in your cell will almost certainly kill you as soon as they learn this. Even if you manage to keep your Ambition secret from them, once you begin working to accomplish it, you will make powerful enemies who you will have little real chance of resisting.

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