Life Leech

Tier: Seasoned
Type: Active
Range: 0 (Touch)
Piercing: 0

The target's Wound Level increases, and your Wound Level decreases, by 1 per turn for a number of turns equal to the net outcome of an opposed skill check. If the victim moves out of range, the effect ends abruptly. The duration cannot be increased.

Possible Enhancements: Concealed, Delayed, Diehard, Fearless, Final Blow, Focused, Tested, Tireless, Triggered, Unemotional

Loan Thief

Tier: Seasoned
Type: Active
Duration: 0 (1 turn)
Range: 0 (Touch)

Description: You can steal one temporary benefit from a single target. This could include borrowed Powers or skills, temporary bonuses, and any other benefit which has been granted to an individual through supernatural means and is not permanent. To do so, you must win an opposed Discipline check. Note that you can only target creatures, not objects.

Possible Enhancements: Concealed, Delayed, Triggered, Fearless, Focused, Hard to Control, Hard to Influence, Hard to Possess, Indomitable Will, Psychotic Break, Tireless, Unemotional, Warning

Possible Flaws: Targeted (you must know what you are stealing)

Example 1:
When Bryan becomes a Contractor, he observes that the more experienced members of his team frequently buff each other – but not him, since he's a newbie and, in their view, hasn't proved his worth. Having always been a bit of a leech, Bryan realizes that draining life energy comes naturally to him. As soon as he manages to achieve Seasoned status, he begins specializing in stealing objects, buffs, life energy, and anything else he can get in his sights.

Example 2:
Dr. Ward is a mad scientist who is convinced that he can steal the abilities of other Contractors. After abducting and dissecting a few under a variety of conditions, he develops a ray gun that partially achieves his goals. By zapping them with his ray, he can steal any temporary benefits they may have received. He regards this as a modest but promising first step, and resumes his dissections with renewed zeal.

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