You start the Game at 0% Depletion (unless the GM dictates otherwise). Each time you use an Active Power, this number increases by 10%.

When you use an Active Power, roll percentile dice. If the unmodified result is equal to or less than your current Depletion, you are Depleted. The increase is applied before you make the roll. Thus, if your Depletion is at 0% and you use an Active Power, there is a 10% chance you will become Depleted.

If you become Depleted, you cannot activate any further Powers. Active Powers which you have already activated (including the Power whose activation caused you to become Depleted) continue working normally until the end of the current turn, at which point they stop working.

Passive Powers are not affected by Depletion; they continue functioning normally even when you are Depleted.

For each full hour that passes, your Depletion decreases by 10%. You do not need to rest during this hour; your Depletion decreases regardless of your activities.

When your Depletion decreases, you are no longer Depleted and can use Active Powers as normal.

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