Defensive Enhancements

Chew Anything: Your teeth and mouth are as tough as calluses, and your digestive system has adapted to your bizarre diet. You do not suffer injury from biting hard objects, nor from swallowing sharp items. You are still affected normally by poison and disease.

Diehard: Make an activation roll to stabilize from your wounds. This is a Passive Enhancement; it does not require an action or incur Depletion, and can be performed reflexively even if unconscious. The roll suffers a penalty of 2 less than your Wound Level (Negligible: 0; Light: 0; Moderate: -1; Serious: -2; Critical: -3; Terminal: -4; Mortal: -5).

Evasion: You may take as many defensive actions as desired (with the normal penalties for multiple actions), even if you didn't declare them. Furthermore, you may cancel some or all of your declared actions.

Punch Anything: You do not suffer injury from punching hard or sharp objects.

Resistance: You are particularly resistant to one type of damage. You reduce that type of damage by your Resistance, no matter the source of the damage. There is no limit to the number of damage types to which you can have Resistance. Resistance is received with a Potency of 1.

Examples of Resistance: Toxins (including chemicals and poisons); Disease; Radiation; Corrosion (including acid); Fire (including heat); Cold; Magic; Psionics; Piercing (including bullets and fragmentation grenades); Slashing; Bludgeoning (including explosives); Projectiles (including all hand-held ranged weapons and thrown weapons, as well as shrapnel from grenades and mortars); Artillery (projectiles which are too large to be hand-held, including boulders and artillery shells).

Some Resistances may be inappropriate for some Powers. For example, it would not make sense to acquire Resistance to Piercing with Mind Block, but Resistance to Psionics would be entirely appropriate. The GM will determine whether a particular Resistance is appropriate to a particular Power.

If you acquire a particular type of Resistance from a particular Power, then you can only increase that Resistance by investing in that Power; you cannot increase that Resistance by investing in a different Power which can receive Resistance as an Enhancement. For example, if you receive Resistance to Piercing as an Enhancement to Armor, then you can only increase Resistance to Piercing by investing Gifts in Armor; you cannot increase Resistance to Piercing by investing Gifts in Recuperation.

Resistance is normally Passive, but can be made Active as a Flaw, provided you take at least 2 points of that type of Resistance. In such a case, it is in effect whenever the associated Power is in effect; activating Resistance does not require an additional action or incur additional Depletion.

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