Culture involves familiarity with the customs, languages, technology, and history of a certain geographic region. These skills are primarily used as backdrop without rolls. For example, a character who is culturally an Aleutian Eskimo is assumed to have competency in cold weather survival, fishing, and possibly even stealth from hunting seals and the like. Likewise, an American would be familiar with computers, cellphones, elevators, driving a car, and similar without needing a specific skill. If it should become necessary to roll a competency which is included in your Culture, roll it at +0. If it becomes necessary to roll a language granted by your Culture, however, roll at the full rating for your Culture.

It is possible to learn a skill that would normally be included in a Culture as a separate skill instead. For example, American Culture includes basic competency in driving, but not expertise. (You can drive around town without having to make checks, but if someone tries to run you off the road, you must roll at +0 to avoid this.) If you wish to be an expert driver, you can learn Driving as a General Skill.

Amateur: Basic familiarity; pidgin in primary regional tongues.
Competent: Useful familiarity; limited in primary language, pidgin in others.
Professional: Complete familiarity; fluent in primary language, limited in others.
Expert: In-depth familiarity; fluent in all major tongues.
Master: Total familiarity; fluent in all obscure tongues and dialects, pidgin in languages of major adjoining regions.
Legendary: Absolute knowledge; total fluency including ancient and dead languages, limited fluency in languages of adjoining regions.

Most commonly, a Culture coincides geographically with a nation (American Culture, French Culture, Chinese Culture, Kenyan Culture, etc.). Cultures which cover a smaller geographic area or are more specific are also common (Jewish Culture, Kurdish Culture, Apache Culture, etc.), and combinations are not unusual (e.g., American Jewish Culture).

Characters are always assumed to speak English (or whatever language the players are speaking), unless not speaking English is part of the character concept.

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