Creation Powers


(Seasoned: Lesser Conjuring; Veteran: Greater Conjuring)

Tier: Seasoned (upgradeable to Veteran)

Type: Active
Duration: 1 (Skill modifier in turns)
Range: 0 (Touch)
Mass: 1 (1 kg)

You can create simple items out of thin air. You cannot create chemicals, items with moving parts, electronics, or the like.

If upgraded to the Veteran level, you can create any inanimate object out of thin air, no matter how complex (including chemicals, items with moving parts, and electronics).

Possible Enhancements: Concealed, Delayed, Triggered

Mass: Determines the maximum mass of a conjured object.

0: 0.1 kg
1: 1 kg
2: 10 kg
3: 100 kg
4: 1,000 kg
5: 10,000 kg
6: 100,000 kg

Example 1:

Stefan De'Vries, the Mirror Mage, can conjure a mirror image of any item reflected in a mirror, with the exception of chemicals and items with moving parts. When he achieves Veteran status, he upgrades to Greater Conjuring. Conjuring is now considered a Veteran Power for him, and the exceptions noted above are removed. He can now conjure any inanimate object from a mirror, no matter how complex.

Unique Flaw: The object to be conjured must be reflected in a mirror

Example 2:

Hinkle the Magician can draw simple items out of his magic hat. He takes the Unreliable flaw to reflect the fact that he is not a very good magician; his hat doesn't work unless he gains an outcome of 9 on a Sorcery roll. One day he loses his hat to Frosty the Snowman. After a strenuous Contract, he recovers it, but eventually decides to let Frosty keep it. The Harbinger, Santa Claus, rewards him for meeting the win conditions by bringing him a new, improved hat. Hinkle now has Greater Conjuring, though he still has the Unreliable flaw.

Flaw: Unreliable

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