Core Skills

This subset of skills are of a very specific and utilitarian nature. They are also the only skills likely to be tested every Contract. That being said, players may select Unskilled ratings in them if desired.

Unlike Professions and General Skills, Core Skills may not be altered, nor combined with or incorporated into any other skill.

List of Core Skills

The Core Skills are as follows.

Wealth (Optional)
Ranged Combat
Unarmed Combat
Demolitions (Optional)

Skill Descriptions

Physique: The overall physical health, vigor, and condition of the character. Any event requiring physical exertion or stamina will utilize Physique. Includes strength, stamina, agility, and speed.

Unskilled: You do not exercise and most likely are frail or obese.
Amateur: You engage in occasional, light exercise.
Competent: You engage in regular, moderate exercise.
Professional: You engage in regular, intensive exercise.
Expert: You engage in daily, rigorous exercise.
Master: You maintain peak human condition.
Legendary: You have superhuman physical capabilities.

Discipline: The strength of your will, depths of your courage, and measure of your sanity. Most events targeting the mind will affect Discipline. Affects perception and initiative.

Unskilled: You have no willpower, and are probably an addict and/or raving mad.
Amateur: You are weak willed.
Competent: You have average character and willpower.
Professional: You have tested courage and drive.
Expert: You have a tough, stoic mind.
Master: You have a resolute, unshakable determination.
Legendary: You are a veritable tower of iron will.

Wealth (Optional): This determines your renewable income, as well as how effectively you manage your money. All starting equipment is subject to your Wealth score. Ratings are relative to your home culture. Note that Wealth is optional; some cells use it, while others do not. If your cell chooses to use it, then it applies to your character even when playing in another cell. (However, if you have a Wealth rating and you move permanently to a cell that does not use Wealth, then points you spent on it are refunded to you.)

Unskilled: You are penniless, and may not start a Game with anything that can't be stolen or had for free.
Amateur: Poverty level.
Competent: Lower Class.
Professional: Middle Class.
Expert: Upper Class.
Master: Very Wealthy.
Legendary: Top 1%.

At the GM's option, wealth may be determined by roleplay and the character's background rather than by game mechanics. This is more difficult for the GM, but can also be more challenging to the player if handled well. It should be viewed as an opportunity for roleplay rather than a way of gaining advantage within the system (and such attempts are likely to backfire with an alert GM).

Ranged Combat: Firearms, bows, some Gifts, and any distance weapon that relies on steady aiming falls into the Ranged category.

Melee: Hand weapons, as well as thrown weapons.

Unarmed Combat: Fisticuffs, martial arts, and grappling all fall into this category.

Demolitions (Optional): Expertise with explosives and demolition. This skill may not be appropriate to all settings; thus, it can only be taken if the GM approves it for the setting. However, no other skill can incorporate knowledge of explosives.

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