The Contracts

The Contracts take place on many alternate Earths, though there are just as many on which they are unknown. They are organized by mysterious entities known as Harbingers. The Harbingers themselves serve even more powerful beings sometimes called The Powers That Be – though not all Contractors know this. Of those who know of them, some speculate that The Powers That Be are gods, and the Harbingers their servants. Some think they are highly evolved aliens, or the ascended masters of Shamballah. Whatever the true nature of The Powers That Be, Harbingers have been sponsoring Contracts on their behalf for thousands of years.

No one knows why these events transpire, although theories abound among Veterans. Some believe the Contracts are purely entertainment (and many are quite sadistic). Some think they are a contest between God and The Devil. Others believe the Chosen are being readied as an army for some trans-dimensional apocalypse. No one knows, and most likely no one ever will. What is known is that they reward a rare few, and reward them well. The purpose for that, as well as how they pick candidates, is likewise unknown. Thus far, no one has produced a lead on the puppet masters.

The only linking factor with all those chosen is a bright and burning drive to somehow be and do more than they are now. The Secret Masters have an uncanny ability to seek out these people and aid them in this pursuit, but like the Monkey’s Paw, they never quite offer complete satisfaction. Thus the Chosen, through unknowable hardship and terrors, are forged into some of the most formidable beings ever to exist.

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