Individuals who accept the challenge of undertaking the Contracts are often called Contractors. Harbingers sometimes refer to them as Imbued or Chosen. Contractors have been known to adopt their own terms such as Specialists, Aspirants, Doornails, Expendables, High Rollers, Head Hunters, and many more.


New Contractors know virtually nothing about the Contracts, Gifts, Harbingers, and the like.

Newbies seldom understand the concept of Contracts and objectives, and have only the vaguest conception of Gifts. New Contractors will typically meet a Harbinger at some point within their first few Contracts, but will have little understanding of the significance of the event (or of the subsequent Imbuing).


Contractors with a couple of Contracts under their belt are full-fledged Novices. They typically have a limited understanding of the nature of the Games (though they at least know enough to ask questions) and a high mortality rate.


Seasoned Contractors have survived a number of Contracts under a variety of conditions, and won a Highlander Contract, prevailing over every other contestant. As such, they have begun to accumulate Gifts that truly separate them from normal humans.

High Seasoned

While newly Seasoned Contractors (sometimes called Low Seasoned) are little more powerful than Novices, High Seasoned Contractors have accumulated sufficient Gifts to begin to fulfill their potential. They have acquired sufficient power that their Concept has taken shape, and has become a reality rather than an aspiration. High Seasoned Contractors are extraordinarily good at what they do; a team of High Seasoned Contractors is among the most lethal forces in the world.


The rare few that reach this status are formidable indeed. A Veteran has no doubt fulfilled many Contracts, faced death countless times, and beaten other Contractors on numerous occasions. They have begun to make a name for themselves in the larger world, and can now engage Contracts by themselves. Even Harbingers are wise to treat Veterans with respect.

Veterans (and only Veterans) can engage in Solo Contracts.

Most Contractors who survive long enough will eventually become Seasoned. A rare few will ascend to Veteran status; most who try, die.

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